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gamified mobile platform for virtual and Live Trading

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A Mix of Virtual and Real

BitHero offers two distinct, yet interrelated experiences:

virtual trading

The simulated (virtual) trading will be custom designed for BitHero’s target audience of young international traders. Through its gamified user interface and social experience, BitHero aims to makes it fun and exciting to learn about trading.

Users can perform all the trading actions they want, just like real-life trading (including simulated trading of cryptocurrencies). Then, when the users are ready, they can embark on real-world, live trading.



The live trading feature will allow users to trade in the real world, using real money, with access to a very broad range of tradeable financial instruments that include:

plus many more.

the evolution

BitHero is the “spiritual successor” of the original pioneering “gamified” mobile finance app, TradeHero. On the iOS platform, TradeHero has been ranked #1 in the finance category, in over 90 countries. As a pioneering mobile market leader, TradeHero successfully broke through traditional paradigms of boring trading apps, and merged finance with gaming and social media.

In this new era of cutting edge financial technology (Fintech), we have decided to build a new mobile app, from the ground up, optimizing the best features and best practices learned from TradeHero’s success, while adding the key missing piece: cryptocurrency.

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why bithero

Key aspects of BitHero that sets it apart from other trading apps:

Unlike complicated trading software, BitHero leverages a game-like interface to offer a fun environment where trades can be easily ordered and executed using swipes.

BitHero will offer a safe, friendly trading environment where users can experiment with trading, to learn about strategies and tactics by simulating real-world trading.

BitHero’s unique blend of the key features will encourage a sustainable, thriving, interactive community of users.

The BitHero environment will also be highly social - users can interact, compete and even learn, from each other.

BitHero will offer both simulated, and real, trading. When users desire, they can leverage the skills they learned from simulated trading, and engage real-world trading.

bithero interface design

powered by

Founded in 2008, Ayondo has built world-class CFD trading facilities that ensure fast, secure, reliable trading.

In 2013, Ayondo was listed among the “FinTech 50” which represent the world’s top 50 financial technology companies. In 2018, Ayondo Ltd. became the first FinTech company to list on Singapore's Stock Exchange (SGX).

BitHero will be able to take complete advantage of all the great backend features of Ayondo’s trading platform, while offering a great frontend that delivers a highly user-friendly experience.

impressive investors

BitHero is backed by an impressive line-up of world-class investors.

our partners

and more

future roadmap

(Subject to Change Without Notice)

2018 jun

BitHero to launch multi-language support with various cryptocurrencies

2018 oct

BitHero to enable CFD trading using BTH. Users will be able to buy and sell BTH as a trading and utility currency for trading, loans and other social features.

2019 jan

Live trading telecast to be launched

2019 jan

Artificial Intelligence copy trading system to be launched

proposed token sale structure

Token Sale #1: To fund product development and market launch in Asia

Token Sale #2: To fund global expansion

Total Tokens for sale: 500M BTH (50%)

Corner Stone


Main Sale

Corner Stone



Private Sale 1


30% Bonus

Private Sale 2


20% Bonus



10% Bonus

main SALE


proposed token distribution

use of funds - token sale 1

use of funds - token sale 2

the team

Dominic Morris

Co-founder & CEO

Founder of TradeHero, and Head of Innovation at Ayondo, a listed and regulated CFD broker. A life-long and passionate technologist, before founding TradeHero he held senior roles at a number of investment banks and technology firms such as Citibank and Microsoft.

Alex Banh

Chief Strategy Officer

Investor / Serial Entrepreneur with extensive experience in software, internet businesses, venture capital and real estate development. Performance oriented with a keen interest in assisting early-stage, high growth business opportunities. Particular focus on facilitating business in Asian emerging markets (China, Indochina: Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos) and technologies (software, internet business-es).

David Qi

Chief Technology Officer

As a senior software architect, he focus on the design, development and process management of enterprise software with experiences of 20 large projects, managing team with over 40 people supporting 400,000 concurrent users. Ex-EA, eBaoTech and Linktone.

Victor Lee

VP Marketing

Stone Wan

Product Director

Vivian Shi

Community Manager

Jason Zhao

Technology Manager

Ivan Jang

Senior Engineer

Windy Hu

Senior Engineer

Andy Hu

Senior Engineer

Jolie Zhuang

UX Designer

CoCo Yang

Creative Manager


Robert Lempka

Jason Zhao
Partner, Kleiner Perkins
Caufield & Byers China

Terence Tan
Manager Partner,
IPV Capital & TNF Ventures

Jae Young
Head of Samsung Ventures

Becky Kux
Head of Portfolio,
500 Startups

YingYu Wang
Partner, Taylor Vinters Via

Constant Tong
CEO, BlockStar